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Construction and Liability Insurance

SHC can also offer; Online application – 2 minutes from go to O, and BINGO – you’re covered. No other broker in Australia can offer this fast and simple live application.

SHC offer the very backbone of comprehensive insurance coverage whilst your home is being built. This protects the Owner Builder from; fire, weather related perils, theft/burglary, malicious damage, workmanship issues, demolition costs and professional fees and more. Most importantly it protects the Owner Builder for their legal public liability insurance against injury or damage to third party property.

Don’t buy inferior policies!
You need to purchase a policy that gives you the maximum coverage possible. Not all policies will offer all the required benefits. When it comes to claiming it pays to have sourced your policy through a broker like SHC. If you buy a policy direct with an insurer and there is a dispute concerning paying a claim for which you have suffered a loss, you will not have an expert backing you.

SHC can offer you our Platinum policy. When you purchase a policy do not purchase one that does not include the SHC additional benefits; Public Liability sum insured limits greater than $5m Removal of Debris to 10% of the sum insured. In the event that you have a total loss the cost in clearing your site after a claim can be considerable.

Professional Fees to 10% of the sum insured. In the event of a claim you will need to re-employ Architects, Engineers etc to commence building again. These costs are considerable.

SHC can extend your policy after 12 months. Finishing your build within 12 months is not always easy, in fact its quite difficult. Trades and materials can take a lot longer to arrive extending your timeframe. You need a policy that will carry on insuring you during this period.SHC policy can cover existing structures. That is if you are renovating an existing house with alterations or additions, most household insurance policies only cover construction work up to a certain value (eg $60,000). If your works are greater than your existing householder insurer allows, you need the flexibility of insuring your existing home in case of a total loss.

Already started building? – no problem! SHC can organise a policy for you in case you have forgotten to insure. Call us to organise.

Pitfall – Please be aware of the Under-insurance clause.

Basically this means you have to insure for the full value or the insurer will deduct a percentage off the claim. For example your home costs $100,000 to rebuild but you have only insured it for $50,000, the insurer will only pay for 50% and any claim regardless of amount. The easiest way to insure for the full value is to calculate how much the build will be in total the very day you move back in or finish, and that’s your figure to insure.

Call our friendly customer service team on: 1300 550 665 or purchase your insurance at your leisure anytime of the day via our online quoting system.

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