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Are you exempted from the Owner Builder Approved Course? A NSW Perspective

In order to apply for an owner builder permit in NSW, there are three minimum requirements that you must fulfil. The following information is taken from the official NSW fair-trading website:
  1. The value of the construction, reconstruction or renovation work must be over 12,000 dollars.
  2. The person applying for the permit needs to have gone through the owner-builder approved course.
  3. The property being built must be for non-commercial purposes.
There are certain conditions in which exemptions can be made and the requirement for the owner-builder approved course will not have to be fulfilled. If you hold at least one of the following qualifications, you do not need to go through an owner-builder approved course in order to gain the owner builder permit in NSW: 
  • A general building work licence or qualified supervisor certificate.
  • NSW general building work contractor licence.
  • NSW trade class of building licence or certificate.
  • NSW qualified supervisor certificate.
  • Accredited building certifier.
  • Council building inspector/surveyor/consultant.
Anyone holding one of the six above mentioned qualifications will be more than capable of handling the responsibilities of being an owner builder. Owner builders have to schedule the work, hire sub-contractors, and ensure workplace health and safety for all on-site personnel. They are also responsible for the safety of all people in and around the construction site. 
Therefore, the government of NSW has placed these rules, regulations, and requirements in order to protect people from harm. Although there are a number of insurance products, such as owner builder insurance, that can cover you in case of any mishap, it is better that you avoid harm altogether.
If you do not have any of the listed qualifications, you have to go through an owner builder approved course, which will prepare you to manage your site. While you go through the course, we highly recommend that you start looking into what kind of insurance coverage you can get for your project.
Obtaining Owner Builder Contract Works & Public Liability Insurance is something that is best done before you start the construction or renovation at the site. In many cases, Local Councils and Banks will not approve or agree to finance your project unless this type of insurance is taken out.

Other insurances that you may need to attain before starting an owner builder project include Workers Compensation Insurance and Licensed Builders Home Warranty Insurance. The need for these insurances will depend on the contracts and agreements the Owner Builder has in place with the tradesmen on site.

The owner builder will need to take out Workers Compensation Insurance if the tradesmen on site are considered
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