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Owner Builder Insurance - what you need to know

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Extensions and Renovations
When construction starts, most of the home and contents policies become invalid. So these policies cannot protect home owners from damages and any possible lawsuits resulting from personal injury. If you are about to go through a major home extension, you can get owner builder insurance quotes from a range of insurers online now by clicking here.

It is important to realise that smaller projects such as tiling your bathroom or painting the living room cannot be covered under owner builder insurance. This insurance covers major renovations, extension, constructions and reconstructions. Building a swimming pool or garage can be covered.

Customisation and Flexibility
Your owner builder insurance policy must be customised to suit your needs. Some projects span a short duration, some take a long time to be finished and some have variable deadlines. Your policy must take into account the duration of your project and must be flexible and extendable if your project requires extra time.

To get owner builder insurance you have to be an owner builder and to do that you need to have some technical know-how of construction work and managing a construction site. If you are new at this, we recommend you immediately get your

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